#Top5HRReads (and listens to) for January 15

Let’s fix job postings! Keristen Greggs spoke with Katrina Kibben about red flags job seekers should look for in job postings. And at the same time, these are things employers can look for to improve their own postings.

If there was one constant in 2020, it was change! And the best way to help staff adapt to changes is communication. Check out this post from Talent Magnet Institute on some tips for Communicating Change.

I loved last week’s episode of Crazy and the King. Julie and Torin talk about what they want to see stay in 2020, Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya. No spoilers so go listen now!

The power of kindness! Love this post from #BeTheRipple on 5 ways to be kind to your colleagues. Listen, remember, ask.

Finally, a new podcast is out there by #HRSocialHour alum Jay Polaki, HR Bytes! Jay will be speaking to HR professionals who bring a “think globally and act locally” digital HR agenda to their work. Everyday people driving digital transformations in their organizations – data-driven & future-fit digital HR leaders. Check out her first episode with Tolu Peters.

Bonus: this is totally not HR related, but if you love photography, I encourage you to check out Victorio Milian‘s Patreon site, Creative Chaos Photography. You can support Victorio by purchasing a print or donating to him monthly for as little as $1/month. This not only helps support Victorio’s photography, but you also get the photo of the day emailed to you each morning!


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