We had such a great chat with Bonusly about Employee Appreciation Day. We know that now more than ever showing your employees that you care, that you appreciate them. Our employees are either working away from the office or working at a distance from their coworkers. We don’t have the same connections that we did when we worked side by side, in our open floor plans; which, personally, I’m okay with. But I know not everyone is. It’s a new challenge! How can we be sure we are connecting with our staff? And if we are honest, not everyone was good at this when we were in the same room.

There were lots of great suggestions. I’ve got a few of my favorites below. But I want to encourage you to visit Bonusly. If you are looking for a tool for helping with employee appreciation, definitely check out their product with a demo.

I love that Bonusly drinks their own champagne and how awesome is it that 60 people recognized each other 15,000 times!

This is key for recognition. Be sure the person you are recognizing knows why. They can’t do it again if they don’t know what it was.

Who doesn’t love a surprise in the mail, or email?

So maybe we’re not in person, but a short video message can be a lot of fun! Maybe more of us need to figure out TikTok?

We all have a different “love language” and as employers we need to understand how our employees like to be recognized. Don’t give your vegan employee a membership to a bacon of the month club (though *this* girl wouldn’t say no to that), or worse, your employee with the nut allergy a big jar of Planters. Nothing says “I don’t know you” like that a bad gift. And it’s okay to ask your employees what they want, like Nicole says.

And a few unique options:


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