#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 9/12 7 pm ET

The pandemic has forced quite a few changes to the world of conferences, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the national SHRM conference made changes to their annual conference. 2021 sees the conference in September and with a virtual version. And if you are reading this, you are likely already aware that Jon and I were not invited to participate this year. Last year, we hosted a #NotAtSHRM chat with Paycor & Jennifer McClure, complete with our own special drink. While our next chat happens to fall on SHRM’s opening evening, we decided against doing another chat around conferences.

We did however decide to keep with the theme of crowdsourcing that our last chat had. This time I selected some of my favorite questions from our Ask Us Anything episodes. I had a blast going through all those old questions (and I even narrowed down to just one Kate Bischoff question).

Be sure to join us Sunday 9/12, 7 pm ET for another lightning round question evening with questions from some of our favorite HR professionals!

Gif from TV show “Friends” “The lightning-round!”
  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. From Melanie Peacock: What is the best part of being an HR Professional?
  • Q3. From Chris Hadley: What is your entrance song?
  • Q4. From Melanie Helman: What is your retirement dream?
  • Q5. From Steve Browne: What would YOU do if you could make one sweeping decision to radically improve HR in organizations ??
  • Q6: From Sarah Villano: What is something about your workday that makes it all worthwhile?
  • Q7: From Kate Bischoff: You’re at a party (post-COVID) & you must chat with 5 people you know from Twitter but have not met IRL, who would those 5 be?
  • Q8: From Matt Stollak: What’s your favorite Kate Bischoff question?
  • Q9: From Tina Marie Wohlfield: Who would play you in the TV show/movie?
  • Q10: From Amanda Brunson: Which Disney character are you most like?
  • Q11: From Tessa Brown: What have you learned about HR Professionals (through HR Social Hour) that has surprised you the most?

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