Faster Faster Faster … Recruiting Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in recruitment has almost always been speed. How quickly can we get people into our pipeline, review, interviewed, and hired. Hiring managers have always wanted to see candidates almost as soon as they have requested the requisition. Even as they would take their time reviewing the candidates, deciding who to interview and ultimately offer to. Every single recruiter I know has one hiring manager in their history who demanded speed from the recruiter while taking their own time to make decisions. As the world has gotten speedier in everything — how often do we complain about shipping that takes longer than a week? — the expectations for recruitment have also sped up, especially from candidates.

Part of the challenge is coming from what I (and others) are calling the Great Reprioritization. I can’t really say who I first heard this phrase from, but I really like it a lot more than the Great Resignation as I really feel re-prioritization hits the issue a lot better. People aren’t just resigning. They aren’t just taking any job. They are leaving crappy jobs with crappy wages and crappy managers who serve crappy customers.

Another part of the challenge is we are now seeing almost 2 million more jobs posted than people actually looking for work. The idea that people are sitting back on unemployment just hanging out isn’t actually happening. Many states canceled the federal dollars and did not see their unemployment numbers go down. In South Dakota, we’ve been under 3% unemployment since spring 2021. With all these jobs available, there is a lot of choice for those actively (and passively) looking for work. Which means you have to be even faster than ever before. You are no longer competing only with your industry, but every other position in your pay range. You must be faster than McDonalds, Starbucks and Amazon!

This doesn’t mean you can sacrifice candidate experience. You still need to have an experience that is tailored to the candidate. Candidates want from employers what they are getting as a consumer. And there’s no reason we can’t do it. We need to use the technology that we have to create these experiences. I know what you are thinking, “isn’t there an app for that?”

Well, yes, yes there is.

I was recently introduced to Hirect, an chat based app that allows employers to connect with potential employees, share their openings and start chatting immediately. No application to fill out, just the opportunity to connect with candidates right away. Hirect is designed for tech start-ups, giving options for connecting via chat, text, email or video. Imagine being able to check candidates who match your openings directly from the app. Best part is it speeds up your process! You can get connected and make hiring decisions faster than traditional methods that may include ads, waiting for people to find your ad and complete an application, the back & forth of trying to schedule an interview. Now Hirect won’t get rid of ALL of your processes – you’ll still want to be sure you do your due diligence and ensure your process is fair and equitable, you are completing any background checks needed. But imagine eliminating some of those time-wasting activities involved in the selection process. Hirect can definitely help you – visit them today by downloading this link.

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