#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 2/13 I Love HR!

This is a guest post from my favorite Canadian Melanie Peacock who will be co-host of our next Twitter Chat.

Hammonds’ 2005 article “Why we Hate HR” continues to be reviewed, discussed, and assessed. Many argue that the author’s points are controversial due to the ongoing evolution of the HR profession and HR’s contributions to ensure ongoing organizational success amid COVID-19. Outcomes over the past years have presented evidence of the fallacies within Hammond’s thinking and opinions. As such, many leaders and employees are now discussing and realizing the numerous reasons they need and appreciate HR. This said, it is also important for us, the actual HR professionals to reaffirm and be in touch with the reasons why we value our profession. Taking time to highlight our fulfillment, and share these insights with others, is important for our own development as well as for fueling our ongoing motivation within our complex and dynamic work.

We hope you will join us on 2/13 at 7 pm ET — and yes, we know that there is some sort of sporting event going on at the same time, but we know you are all great at multi-tasking so we’ll see you there!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
  • 1)What’s in your glass?
  • 2)What has been your favorite area of HR to practice and why?
  • 3)What is an exciting, new skill that you have developed over the course of your HR career?
  • 4)Why would you recommend HR as a profession to a new grad?
  • 5)What was the best feedback or “thank you” that you ever received for your work?
  • 6)What have you most valued about the evolution of our profession over the past years?
  • 7)What would you describe as your biggest success as an HR professional?
  • 8)Fill in the blank: I love being in HR because

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