#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 2/27 7 pm ET “Emerging Professionals”

When you are young, you are always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up.” And now that I am older, it seems we get a lot of “how did you get started in xyz?” The first question is mostly trying to find something in common or relatable. The second is likely because someone is looking for a little insight. I know we do see this a lot in HR and likely because for a long time very few folks seemed to actually choose HR as a career. It was something we happened upon. Fortunately for the next generation, they are a little more focused on how to get a position in HR. Which means, all those students studying HR have questions. LOTS of questions. And great HR teaching pros like Jane Murtaugh and Matt Stollack reach out to current HR professionals to help them understand what the HR world is like now and how we got here to help them learn and grow and be ready for what the business world has in store!

So join Jon, Jane, me, and some of her class on Sunday, February 27 at 7 pm ET on Twitter as we talk about how to get ready for a great career in HR.

  • Q1.  What’s in your glass?
  • Q2.  What do you feel are skills that people can learn in any role that are transferrable to HR?
  • Q3.  How does an emerging HR pro get experience when organizations aren’t hiring them because they don’t have experience?
  • Q4.  When evaluating resumes for an entry-level HR role (Assistant, Coordinator, Recruiter), what do you look for in that first scan?
  • Q5.  What technology skills do you believe are essential HR skills today?
  • Q6. What’s most important for an emerging professional: soft skills or technical HR expertise?  Why?
  • Q7.  What would be your number one priority question you’d ask a candidate for an entry level HR role?  Does it depend on the position (Recruiter, Coordinator, etc.)?
  • QTG.  Do you think all emerging HR pros need to start their careers as recruiters?  Why or why not?

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