#HRSocialHour #Twitter Chat & Vendor Relationships 3/27

In the latest episode of the #HRSocialHour podcast, Jon and I talked with his friend, and former vendor customer support person, Alex Youdim. We spend a little time talking about vendor/HR relationships and how to make them work. And we know most HR pros do spend time managing vendor relationships, or at least fending off vendor phone calls & emails! So when Steve Browne brought up the idea of a chat about it, we thought it was great timing! Especially as in-person conferences start back up, those vendors will be out in full force, wanting your email or phone number in exchange for that sweet sweet swag! Hey, it’s one of the reasons I miss in-person conferences! (Vendors, I am running out of pens!!)

So join us on Sunday 3/27 at 7 pm ET. We won’t have any cheap stuff, just awesome conversation!

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. What’s the funniest/annoying/memorable email pitch you’ve received from a potential service provider (no names to protect the innocent, please).
  • Q3. What’s the WORST thing a service provider can do to damage a relationship with you?
  • Q4. What do service providers find difficult about working with HR?
  • Q5. Think back on your most successful service provider partner relationships. What did the provider do to maintain ongoing success?
  • Q6: What steps can we take as HR to make these relationships consistently successful?
  • Q7: How can we make stronger decisions on service providers and not just be gatekeepers?
  • QTG: Will you commit to connecting with at least one service provider with the #HRCommunity going forward?

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