#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat September 25

Autumn brings with it a sort of fresh start. The school year has started back up; the all holy season of football begins; Christmas decorations start to appear (get upset all you want, but if people weren’t buying it, stores wouldn’t be putting them out). And it’s a time to look toward change and embrace it.

Personally, I love fall. I love the freshness in the air as the wind pushes out the stale heat of summer. The crisp blue skies that highlight the changing colors of the leaves. And I love that our friend Christie Engler wanted to use this topic as a jumping off point for this week’s Twitter Chat! Be sure to join us on Twitter at 7 pm ET as we talk about change and what we can look forward to in 2023.

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. What is your favorite season and why?
  • Q3. What is your least favorite season and why?
  • Q4. The pandemic was a season in and of itself.  What has been the best thing to come out of the pandemic for HR?
  • Q5. What are you looking most forward to as we start the 4th quarter of 2022?
  • Q6. What do you believe 2023 holds for HR? 
  • Q7. We’re seeing many HR pros leave the industry.  How can we get those practitioners excited about HR again? 
  • Q8. What is one change you want to see for HR. either in your organization or the industry in general, in the coming year? 

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