#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat with Mystery! 10/9 7 pm

We’re excited to welcome Mystery as the October sponsor of the podcast and chat!  Mystery is the startup company that helps people leaders build connections between their employees.  Their new product, Mystery Insights, identifies which employees should attend virtual events together and matches them with experiences they’ll love. 

Now that I’m working at a remote-first organization, i love that Mystery is helping organizations create connections for their employees, regardless of their location. There are so many ways to keep your employees connected and engaged without bringing people into an office.

Be sure to check out trymystery.com and join us for our regular #TwitterChat on employee engagement and connection October 9th 7 pm ET!

  • Q1.  What’s in your glass?
  • Q2.  What does a connected workplace look like to you?
  • Q3.  What efforts are you making to facilitate genuine connections within your organization?
  • Q4.  Do you believe there’s value in offering team building experiences? Why or why not?
  • Q5.  What’s the most unique team building experience you’ve participated in? What made it memorable?
  • Q6.  How are you gauging connectedness within and across teams?
  • Q7.  What’s the one thing that you find most difficult when trying to engage employees: finding time, solutions, or deciding which team members to connect?

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