#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat January 22 What is Normal?

The past (almost) three years have been the most unpredictable and uncertain times we’ve ever gone through as a society. This has been true personally, professionally, and in the workplace. Whether you like it or not – THIS is the new “normal.”

Since we are facing constant unpredictability in the workplace, what can we do in order to ride the waves with more ease than frustration? Join us for the HR Social Hour chat on Sunday, 1/22/23 as we try to weave our way through this maze !!

  • Q1:      What’s in your glass?
  • Q2:      Things never to be the same for long these days. How is that making you feel personally?
  • Q3:      How are your employees handling the constant shifts and uncertainty at work?
  • Q4:      What steps are you taking to limit volatility at work?
  • Q5:      Do you have people in your life who ride the volatility with ease? What attributes do they have?
  • Q6:      How can be embrace this new normal and perform?
  • Q7:      How can the HR Social Hour community help you going forward?

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