#HRSocialHour & Creativity #TwitterChat February 12!

It may not seem like it, but creativity is important to almost every HR role. We may have the majority of the organization’s policies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be creative. Creativity is more than being artistic. We need to be creative in dealing with new employee issues that arise, new legislative measures we need to deal with, new ways to attract new employees.

But it can be difficult to dig into that creativity when it seems like all we do jump from one thing to another with little time to breathe in between. And then we need to do something creative, we can feel like we get stuck quickly. Which is why you need something to help you get out of that rut and get those creative juices flowing! So join us on Sunday February 12 7 PM et (yes, we know, there is some sort of American football match demanding everyone’s attention) as we talk about what it means to be a creative HR professional! We’ll be joined by Diane Fennig as our co-host.

  • Q1.  What’s in your glass?
  • Q2.  Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?
  • Q3. Do you consider your job creative? Why or why not?
  • Q4.  What does it mean to be a creative HR professional? 
  • Q5.  If you are watching the Super Bowl, what’s been your favorite commercial so far?
  • Q5.  What sources do you use to inspire creativity? (I.e. writers, podcasts, teachers)
  • Q6.  Do you have other activities that help you develop your creativity?
  • Q7.  How are you sharing/promoting creative ideas to your teams and or colleagues?
  • QTG.  What can the #HRSocialHour community support you right now?

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