I am Wendy, an HR influencer who blogs, podcasts and Tweets about HR, networking, growing your community and finding your voice.

I was born & raised in South Dakota, but have lived around the country in cities including Denver, CO, Grand Rapids, MI, Richmond VA, Billings, MT and returning to small city Brookings, SD. My writing and speaking style reflects the variety of places I have called home that have made me a well-rounded individual. Moving from small town to big city and back has opened my mind to new ideas, expanding my horizons, but kept me grounded in who I am and my family.

I have 20 years of experience in the HR, talent acquisition world. I added my voice to the blogging, podcasting, tweeting world in the last 5 years, developing my voice and brand.

I love talking to other HR professionals and sharing their experiences. I learn more about the profession and myself, as these professionals challenge me. I want to elevate voices of others, especially those voices who are under-represented or new to the field. I find joy in live tweeting HR events to share the knowledge I hear at these events, keynotes and concurrent sessions. I follow up with blog posts and podcasts, working closely with my podcasting partner Jon Thurmond.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughters and dogs. We love to go to movies. I am a certified Piyo instructor. I enjoy a nice glass of wine, a tasty mug of craft beer and a strong cup of coffee.