Personal Brand: Who Am I?

Personal brand seems to be the current buzz phrase around your work reputation. It’s a bit more than just your reputation as it implies you are putting some thought into it and not just letting things happen.

Growing up I was taught “work hard, but don’t ‘brag’ about yourself, and you’ll be rewarded.” Those in charge will notice and you’ll get promoted/get a raise. Unfortunately, that does not always work in our world. It’s not about being a shameless self-promoter, but finding that happy medium. Which is why I’m looking at my personal brand. I want to find that happy medium but also be more intentional about my career. A fulfilling career is not just about finding that dream job but finding contentment where you are.

Today, I picked up my prayer journal “Whispers of Hope” by Beth Moore which I have not been as consistent as I should be but it’s okay because God is using it to speak to me when He needs to. In today’s devotional, Beth uses the phrase [your] personal brand of Christianity. It got me to thinking that my personal brand needs to be so much more than just about my career. It’s a “personal” brand, not career or work only. Besides, we need to stop leaving our lives at the door. We are a whole self & we need to stop compartmentalizing ourselves. When I’m in the office, I’m still a wife, mother, Christ-follower. When I’m at home, I’m still an HR-professional, employee, career woman.

So I’m embarking on a journey and will write about it here (and hopefully other things as well). What better way to work through a midlife crisis?

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