A couple of years ago was my 25th high school reunion. I didn’t go. Didn’t really want to. There were a few people I would have liked to see, but I simply made excuses and did not attend.

Recently a school classmate’s child was murdered. Another classmate reached out to me about attending the funeral. Classmates I haven’t seen in 25 years. But I found myself wanting to go. She picked me up at my home and we met up with another at the funeral. We all had lost touch over the years & were only Facebook friends now. Yet seeing these women reminded me of how much I did care about them as a teenager and as people who were/are a part of my life.

As we sat and chatted, catching up, reminiscing of childhood, I found myself kind of wishing I had attended that 25th class reunion.

I was struck by a thought as I sat at the funeral, that everyone, or most everyone, shows up for a funeral. We make excuses for the reunions, the weddings, the baby showers. But we show up at the funeral. Why is it? Why do we choose to not attend the happy events? And we even talk about gathering for the happy events while we eat the sandwiches and cookies after the funeral. But it never happens. 

I made a decision today to stop making excuses and to start making plans. I want to see these people again. I want them as a part of my life. Friends. Family. The good ones and the not-so-good ones. They keep us all human.

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