#SHRM18 The App

The must have accessory for #SHRM18 is the Conference App. This is a free app that will connect you with the schedule, speakers & their presentations, other attendees, information about Chicago, the exhibitors, and every thing else conference related!

The app is connected to your SHRM account, log in with your SHRM info. If you’ve been on the conference site and started planning your conference, all your information will show up in the app, giving you the schedule at your finger tips. You can add a photo which will help others to find you! [too bad you can’t search by Twitter handle … yet] You can use the attendees section to find and connect with others. A quick click on the + on their profile will add them to your contacts for future reference, and you won’t have to worry about losing their business card. Maybe we can find another use for those little cards that end up in the bottom of my bag.

My favorite part of the app is really the schedule. From the schedule, you will find the speaker profile and the presentation. While browsing through the schedule, you can add the session to your schedule and your device calendar, which can be helpful if you want to schedule a coffee, beer or brain date with someone you just met, or someone you know from Twitter whom your hoping to connect with IRL.

It’s also great to to plan your time in the expo hall. The hall is enormous so it’s good to have something of a plan before heading in there, especially if you are looking for a certain vendor — like Fitbit (if you are in the step challenge, and you should be in the step challenge) or the SHRM19 Las Vegas — or you might miss them!

I hope you get the app downloaded soon so you can take some time to get familiar with the app so can get as much as possible out of the app. You can also visit the Smart Stage on 6/17 at 12:20 to learn more about the app directly from horse’s mouth: Erin Sullivan, program manager for SHRM and responsible for the app.


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