A Weird Thing that I Love

At the SHRM19 conference, the first session I sat in, Delivering Happiness, the first question Jenn Lim asked us “what’s one weird thing that you love?” And of course, I came up with live tweeting HR conferences.

This is probably the weird thing that makes me happy: live tweeting HR conferences 😁 #SHRM19 #HRSocialHour #DHMovement @dhmovementCEO pic.twitter.com/20TynQf6v1— Wendy Dailey (@wyndall93) June 23, 2019

I’ve been doing this for a while, and with the Twitter chat, I’ve been getting pretty good at figuring out the best way to share this information. The shelf-life of a Tweet is about 5 minutes, so it can be hard to find information you want to share if you initially put it out there as a Tweet. So I want to share some tips with you because I do believe that Twitter is a great way to share your thoughts, live and later.

  1. Hashtag. You need a hashtag that no one else is using or one you share with those you want in the conversation. You want it to be specific to your topic, something easy to remember, and not to complicated. If you are at a large event, you may end up using more than one hashtag so you can share your tweets with others and still find your tweets later. During the national SHRM conference, I use at least 2 for all tweets and then a specific hashtag if there is a session I really want to stand out & find again. If the speaker shares a hashtag in their presentation, use it! They want to see your tweets too.
  2. Thread your tweets. This sounds a lot more complicated than it is. You simply reply to your tweets. You can do this on your phone or a laptop [I did all my tweeting from my phone at #SHRM19.] You might need to be patient and let your tweets load so you can reply to it – you don’t want to break your thread! So don’t quote or retweet yourself. This will break the thread.
  3. Find your tweets! This is the hard part. You took all those great notes, but now where are they! If you did the 2 things above, you have some options:
    • Search your hashtag on Twitter. This is the easiest to do, but now that you’ve found your tweets, now what?
    • Ask the awesome Twitter bot Thread Reader App to “unroll” your thread” (check out this example of my threaded tweets from Blake Mycoskie’s keynote at #SHRM19.)
    • My favorite way to share is via Wakelet. Wakelet is a website that allows you (for free) to create a collection of links, tweets, posts and put them together in one easy place . I’ve been using Wakelet for about a year with the #HRSocialHour twitter chats and to gather my notes from conferences like #SHRM19. I used #HRSocialHour as my hashtag and pulled all Tweets from the day before into one location. I was then able to pull them out further if I wanted.

Sharing what you learn on social media doesn’t have to be hard, but because the shelf life of social isn’t long, it is imperative that you do a little work after the conference to ensure you can find your thoughts again later. I hope to see you in the Twitter-verse!

2 thoughts on “A Weird Thing that I Love

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