Top 5 Things Every HR Pro Should Read or Listen to this Weekend

Everyone loves a list. So each Friday, I will provide the top 5 things I think every HR professional should reach or listen to over the upcoming weekend. I will be asking select individuals to help me with this list, but if you see something you think should be shared, feel free to tag me. I also need a good hashtag, but my first thought was #HaveYourReadThis and that feels likes I’m sharing something scandalous. Not quite the vibe I’m going for …

Your list for this weekend:

This week on, Mary Faulkner busted the bubble of those that think simply hiring a D&I leader will solve all your D&I woes. I know, I know you are all very very shocked by this revelation. But unfortunately, this is the same strategy business leaders have been trying for many years, only to under-fund, under-manage, under-strategize & later shut it down when budgets get tight. Mary gives some real, actionable steps that you can take to improve your D&I.

There was a great article in Business Insider on what’s happening with SHRM & the petition started by my good friend Kate Bischoff to let SHRM know many members are not happy with their current direction. This week, the HR Famous Podcast spoke with Shana Lebowitz Gaynor, the author of that article, and got some inside information. (A 2 for 1 recommendation!)

If you aren’t listening to Crazy & the King podcast, drop what you are doing & listen! The past 2 episodes have been GOLD! They discuss #MichaelHickson and Julie has a special episode with his wife. Michael was a paralyzed Black man with Covid19 who was denied nutrition and water because the attending provider decided he had “no quality of life.” This story covers the bias, racism and ableism present in our healthcare industry.

Mike Sipple Jr shared this article from the Cincinnati Business Courier, which includes a great reminder that DEI is good for your bottom line AND the right thing to do.

Diversity is not a box to check with a hire or two; you have to monitor and continue to work at it.

Duran Alexander

Sarah Morgan (@TheBuzzonHR) has built The Human Return on Investment (HROI) Summit, an in-depth workshop which will provide participants with a clear plan for improving key people policies and experiences in their workplace at an affordable price. Attendees of the HROI Summit will walk away with a blueprint for success to create healthy workplace cultures where everyone employed feels a strong sense of fairness, belonging and acceptance. The HROI Summit workshops will take place online October 8 – 9, 2020. You can attend the sessions AND sign up for follow up coaching – because isn’t that what we really need? That follow up? [yes, I realize this is not something to specifically read or listen to, but it is something you should check out.]

And there are my top 5 for the weekend! Listen, read & let me know what you think. and seriously, I want a hashtag & am not coming up with anything I like right now.


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