#Top5HRReads (& listens to) for November 20

I’m back!

Last week, at our all staff HR meeting, the CHRO shared this video about Inclusion, Inclusion Starts with I, from Accenture. I have to admit I was skeptical. And I also have to admit, I was moved. We are all biased and we forget the many many ways bias can show up, especially as HR professionals. We need to be aware of our biases so we can work through, around them. We can’t be afraid to admit where we are biased.

One area employer have fallen down on supporting employees has been around death. We don’t like to talk about death so we put the bare minimum effort to it. Recently, Kyle Cupp shared his experience after losing his son. Kyle’s story is heartbreaking and fortunately, he works for someone who gave him the time needed, without a hard definition. Grief is an on-going part of life and not something you can “get over.” As employers, we need to be understanding, empathetic, sympathetic and help our employees adjust to their new normal (even though I know we hate that phrase). And especially now. 2020 has pushed most of us to limits we didn’t know we had. Give Grace.

Speaking of Giving Grace, I’m so excited to share my friend Laura’s (EastSideStaffing) recommendations for HR pros to do a little self-care!

One of the coolest things that’s happened since partnering with Jon on the #HRSocialHour has been the coloring pages he’s had commissioned for us. And now our friend Minda Harts is also in a coloring book celebrating Women in Tech. This is SOOOO COOL! Place your preorder today!!

And finally, check out this awesome post by Kate Bischoff. For too long, we’ve penalized candidates who have a gap in their employment and I’m STILL hearing about it even now as we know people are losing their jobs due to the pandemic.

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