Philosophy & HR? Join #HRSocialHour #TwitterChat 6/13 to find out!

Huge shout out to Paul LaLonde for this awesome idea for a #TwitterChat. It’s a bit outside our normal topics, but that’s what make our chat awesome! Be sure to join us 6/13 at 6 pm CT to enjoy some thought provoking conversation!

Philosophy sometimes has a bad rap. It’s boring, impractical, and only for old bearded White guys! All these excuses are rubbish. If you know where to look, philosophy can be incredibly though provoking, lead to real-world business solutions, and has many incredibly diverse thinkers from which to draw wisdom. Most of all, philosophy is not meant to be studied in hallowed halls kept secret from everyone else. The famous Stoic philosopher Epictetus said philosophy is for everyone. It’s about living your best life and acting on what is right. That’s philosophy. So, whether you’re cooking dinner, building a better benefits plan, hiring for the right cultural addition, taking the dog for a walk, or putting your kids to bed, take to heart and act on what is right. When you do, know that you are a philosopher. Join the HR Social Hour as we turn Twitter into the Agora for one night of though provoking fun! 

Sponge Bob & Patrick thinking

Q1. What’s in your glass, and is it half full or half empty? #HRSocialHour

Q2. What is your philosophy summed up, and how do you weave it into your personal and professional endeavors? #HRSocialHour

Q3. Aristotle, arguably the western world’s greatest philosopher, argued that the virtuous life was not dedicated to one’s work. Do you agree or disagree? Why so? #HRSocialHour

Q4. An organization’s philosophy could be described as “the way we do things around here.” What is your ideal organizational philosophy and how does HR help the organization embody it? #HRSocialHour

Q5. Sojourner Truth, the famous abolitionist was a philosopher, whose “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech was an early example of advocacy for Black women. Can workplace philosophies help bring about greater social change? #HRSocialHour

Q6. Bruce Lee fused his martial arts craft with Eastern philosophical ideas from Taoism and Buddhism, specifically in the phrase “Be Water.” How can HR be like water? Should HR be like any other elements? #HRSocialHour

Q7. Ryan Holiday, a proponent of Stoicism, argues that the only reason to study philosophy is to become a better person, otherwise you’re just critiquing words with other words. What does it mean to be a good person? #HRSocialHour

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