#HRSocialHour Recruiting Challenges #TwitterChat July 25, 7 pm ET

This is a topic near and dear to me, especially right now. Recruiting is a huge challenge in South Dakota — Sioux Falls has more than twice as many jobs as people looking for work. While there are pockets of higher unemployment, we are not seeing the trends that we hear about, namely the whine that “no one wants to work anymore.” While we aren’t going to talk about THAT, we know that recruiting is a challenge right now and things we used in the past just don’t work anymore – while some old fashioned recruiting tools still bring them in. The “We’re Hiring” signs as McDonald’s still draw them in!

Recruiting is no longer one size fits all either. We need to figure out how to meet our candidates where they are and stop forcing the square pegs into the round holes we insist on having. But how do you do this without driving your recruiting staff insane with a bunch of different processes and THEN fit it all into your ATS?? I definitely do not have all the answers, but I think we’ll get some great ideas and do some crowd-sourcing on what’s working and what’s not. Be sure to get 7/25 at 7 pm ET on your reminders and on your calendar so you don’t miss it!

Huge thanks to Christie Engler for the topic idea and co-hosting!

Q1.  What’s in your glass?

Q2.  Are you currently experiencing trouble filling open positions in your current organization? What method(s) have you tried to attract and retain talent?

Q3.  What suggestions would you give to lawmakers in considering changes to the federal minimum wage?

Q4.  Have you created or assisted with development of a comp strategy? 

Q5.  How can HR help guide leaders on how to approach compensation based on company priorities?

Q6.  Do you believe there is a talent shortage or that “people just don’t want to work?”  

Q7. How do you predict the job market will look in 5 years?  10 years?

QTG. How can HR and Recruiting/Talent Acquisition best work together to achieve shared goals?

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