#HRSocialHour Training

If you were at SHRM16, you had the opportunity to see Train. I hadn’t planned on going to the concert, but my new friends convinced me that we needed to go. I didn’t even realize how many of their songs I already knew — I’m super bad at band names, just ask my husband who loves to play “Name that Tune.” Anyway

Wait, what? You say we’re NOT talking about the band Train on Sunday? You say we’re actually talking about trainING?


Never mind …

So training, specifically for you, the HR professional. This topic came up in our first #HRSocialHour & so Jon & I thought it would be good to explore it further. And personally, I’ve started thinking about sitting for the SHRM-SCP (oh God no, not another test). But it would be faster & easier than an actual master’s degree, and maybe more relevant. So if you would be so kind as to direct your comments to me on that, KTHX.

Seriously though, let’s talk about training: formal, informal, certification vs. degree vs. experience. We’ve got 6 questions to go through Sunday evening:

  1. Where are you joining us from tonight & what’s in your glass?
  2. What education/training/certification did you have when you started your career in HR?
  3. What training resources/topics were really memorable/beneficial to you?
  4. Any training that was not so memorable/beneficial? What made it so? (trainer, topic?)
  5. Any specific training/certification you are looking for to increase your skills?
  6. What plans to you have in the next 30/60/90 days to move forward with that training/certification?

We hope you will plan to join us Sunday, September 24 at 7 pm ET on Twitter to talk about trainING, though if you wanted to throw in some Train references/memes/gifs, that might add a fun challenge to the conversation …

See you Sunday!


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