#HRSocialHour: Episode 10

Kristina is one of those Twitter connections I’ve followed for quite some time. As we discovered during the chat, we really connected on Instagram & the #HRFitCrew (find us on Twitter & Instagram). I hadn’t spoken to Kristina prior to our podcast, though Jon had met her in the bloggers’ lounge at SHRM16.  I love finding these little connections to our guests! And this is really what we hope you find as well — that person that likes the same obscure movie, went to the same college or the rival school, or maybe you were at the same concert. You just never know where that connection will come. And just think of how much easier it will be to ask someone to meet for coffee at SHRM18 if you already know a few facts!!



Fun Facts about Kristina:

What was in her glass? room temperature water

How did we connect? Twitter, of course, starting with chats.

Who should you follow/read?

Favorite movies: Fight Club

Music: Beyonce

TV: Glimore Girls

How do you connect with Kristina?


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