#HRSocialHour #TwitterChat with @_strclaire Onboarding!

We are so excited to welcome Claire as co-host of this weekend’s Twitter Chat! Take a break from your 3 day weekend fun to join us [I will do my best to join, but I will be at DISNEY WORLD and enjoying all the Star Wars stuff at Hollywood Studios on Sunday]. Jump on Twitter at 7 pm ET on Sunday May 28!

From Claire:

I recently hired a new team member to our HR Team at the end of January. I only onboard someone to my own team about once a year. This time it really got me thinking – how I onboard this person is SO important because they are then going to be contributing to onboarding of other future employees! It’s my job as an HR/TA Leader to set the example with onboarding for my HR team. Excited to dive in with the #HRcommunity to talk about onboarding must haves and how they put care into the process for either their own direct reports, or for all employees. 

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. Have you onboarded someone to your own team? What are the first steps you take once they’ve accepted and signed their offer?
  • Q3. What is something you especially love or are proud of about your onboarding process? What is something you’d change?
  • Q4. Aside from ordering a computer, business cards or parking pass, what are some key physical items you provide to set your new teammate up for success? Looking forward to any creative ideas!
  • Q5. How do you like to get your new team mate introduced to other key people at the company?
  • Q6. If work hours/arrangements are flexible, what expectations do you set with your new teammate about getting work done?
  • Q7. What are the important culture and communication norms in your organization that are important to share with your new team member?
  • QTG How can the #HRSocialHour community help you right now?

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