Escaping Procrastination

I am SOOO good at this. Seriously, I’ve put off getting my Master’s degree for almost 25 years, so yeah, I can procrastinate with the best of them.

I was thinking about this earlier while enjoying my coffee. It was early, no one else was up. Just me and the dog. I turned on the TV and tweeted with some friends thinking I should get my workout done. But the coffee was hot & the couch comfy. I started on that thought trail of “I’ll do it later…” But here’s what I know about me: I’m super good at the “5 more minutes” lie we tell ourselves. 5 more minutes of playing a game on my phone; 5 more minutes of the TV show; 5 more minutes reading and suddenly, the morning or afternoon is gone and the workout doesn’t get done or the laundry is still sitting in the dryer or the dog still isn’t fed. So knowing this, I try to get stuff done as sooner rather than later. I get up early to get a workout in most days. I do a Bible study after. And then, if I’ve timed it right, I still have a little time to myself before anyone else is up.

Soon after I included my procrastination on Twitter, my friend Janelle texted me & told me to get up. A few minutes later, I did. I did the full Piyo workout. Then the girls and I cleaned the house. And took a walk. And did laundry all the way through (there are NO clothes in the dryer & only a few stray socks in the laundry basket). Because productivity begets productivity.

Janelle & I talked about this a bit the other night — she likes to keep busy so she doesn’t fall into a rut, and isn’t that true of most of us? Not that it isn’t okay to watch TV or play that game on your phone but for me, I have a hard time stopping once I start. I have a hard time saying no to the 2nd cookie or 3rd glass of wine. Procrastination is no different. For me, I just need to remember that Procrastination is a choice and it leads to a rut, a lazy rut for me. And that’s not where I want to stay.

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